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Different Conflicts, Same Sacrifice

Our organisation was established in 1950 as the Townsville sub-branch of the TPI Soldiers Association. In 2003 we withdrew from the TPI Soldiers Association and changed our name to The Totally and Permanently Disabled Ex-servicepersons Association (Townsville) Incorporated in order to extend membership to all eligible ex-servicemen and women.

About Us

Our Mission

To provide support, comfort and camaraderie to ex-servicepersons who suffer permanent disabilities as a result of their service in Australia’s Defence Force and to extend support to their families, carers and the wider community.

What WE Do

Our Role

Our role is to provide professional delivery of welfare support services and social activities for our members, their carers and families to promote healthy lifestyles and mental health wellbeing. To achieve this, we maintain close links and network regularly not only with veterans and the wider community but also with other ex-service organisations (ESOs) i.e. health providers, support services, community groups, Associations and the Government to review programs and legislation related to our members. As part of our Association’s management responsibility, we ensure both our committee members and welfare practitioners, who volunteer at our Association, are both informed on current strategies and trained appropriately where necessary, to support our members and our role in the community.


Representation and referrals in welfare matters.


Hospital and home visits.


Advice on services and entitlements and allowances.


Emergency distress assistance.


Funeral and bereavement assistance.


Bursaries, sponsorship and fundraising.


Temporary loans of mobility appliances.

We Support


Our aim is to provide high-standard welfare support to members, carers and families through our services.

If someone has served/is serving in the ADF and they experience symptoms of a mental health condition they can contact DVA and ask to speak with someone about accessing mental health treatment and they will be put through to the mental health treatment team. Access to mental health treatment is then provided through a white card.


Social outings and events are designed to reduce social isolation, promote camaraderie and encourage interaction within the general community.

Make a Donation

Donations to support services and organisations.


Be a volunteer for our different events and activities and enjoy them with our members.

Make A Difference


Our geographical coverage is the North Queensland region with affiliation at national and state level.

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